17th June 2023, Istanbul

On 17th June 2023, Refugee Rights Turkey organized a workshop on Alternatives to Administrative Detention (ATDs). 

In the first session of the workshop titled "Accessibility of ATDs for Persons under Administrative Detention"; observations as per the implementation, good practices, and the challenges encountered regarding the access of foreigners under administrative detention to ATDs in Turkey were discussed. 

During the second session titled "Screening and Identification of Persons with Special Needs and Persons in a Vulnerable Situation under Administrative Detention and Their Access to Alternatives", participants exchanged their observations and evaluations on the safeguards afforded by the available legal framework for the identification of these persons, deficits in the legislation, good practices, and difficulties encountered.

In the third session titled “The Implementation of ATDs”, observations on how the different types of alternatives stipulated in the ATDs legislation are implemented were shared. This session also addressed general observations per the ATDs management policies in Turkey with a main focus on the access of the individuals released from immigration detention with ATDs to fundamental rights and services and other protection and residency regimes.

In the closing session, participants discussed possible solutions -both at the implementation and legislative level- for a holistic and more effective, and efficient implementation of ATDs in Turkey. Within this scope, the role that could be played by different stakeholders including NGOs, IOs, and bar associations for the promotion of better practice in the future was also discussed and participants exchanged their opinions on facilitating communication between different stakeholders.

For furthering the exchange of ideas and observations between the different stakeholders located in different parts of the country, we are planning to establish an "ATDs Follow-up Online Group". With this group; we aim to inform each other about the positive developments, good practices, recent publications, and relevant events on ATDs and to facilitate exchanges on difficulties encountered and suggestions for overcoming them. You can send your requests for participation in the online group to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the participation request e-mail, you can also address your suggestions on how to use the group more effectively.

*This workshop was organized by Refugee Rights Turkey within the framework of a project implemented with the generous contributions of the Peace and Human Rights Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and of the Dutch Council For Refugees. The views expressed and any content generated within the scope of the Workshop do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Switzerland and of the Dutch Council for Refugees.