Our Legal Aid Services for Asylum Seekers and Detained Migrants

Refugee Rights Turkey offers free of charge legal counselling and assistance services seeking to access legal protection in Turkey as refugees, whether those from Syria or other countries of origin, as well as persons in immigration detention.

Our legal counselling and assistance services and interventions address legal questions and problems in relation to following areas:

  • rights, obligations and procedures in connection with the “temporary protection” policy in place for refugees from Syria;
  • rights, obligations and procedures in connection with the individual “international protection” procedure that covers all of the other nationalities of asylum seekers from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia and elsewhere;
  • negative and unfavorable decisions within the jurisdiction of Directorate General of Migration Managament (DGMM) and applicable appeal mechanisms and judicial remedies, both in connection with the “temporary protection” regime and the “international protection” procedure;
  • rights, obligations and remedies applicable to persons being detained in deportation proceedings and seeking to apply for “temporary protection” or “international protection” status in Turkey;
  • security problems encountered in Turkey by persons seeking or benefiting from either “temporary protection” or “international protection” in Turkey;
  • identification of particularly vulnerable categories of asylum seekers and their access to adequate legal protection mechanisms, in particular unaccompanied minors and persons who have been victimized by or at risk of gender and sexual based violence.

Refugee Rights Turkey extends legal counselling and assistance services to asylum seekers and detained migrants from all countries of origin, both Syrians and non-Syrians, and in what ever location in Turkey they may be.

Please see below contact details for RRT’s General-purpose “Refugee Helpdesk” and the separate “Detention Hotline” for persons in immigration detention as well as lawyers and NGO practitioners looking for advice or assistance in detention cases.

Refugee Rights Turkey is an independent NGO legal service provider and does not operate on behalf of either Government agencies or other decision makers. All RRT services are subject to rules and principles laid down by relevant domestic, European and international human rights and refugee protection standards, RRT’s own ethical and service standards, and legal professional requirements under Turkish law. All of our services are completely free of charge. RRT is strictly committed to respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all information presented to our office by beneficiaries, including in regards data privacy requirements enshrined by law. 

Refugee Rights Turkey - Main Office

Dr. Refik Saydam Cad. No.39 K.5 D.14
Şişhane, Beyoğlu İstanbul

Refugee Helpdesk

+90 850 218 48 30

Detention Hotline

+90 507 218 62 85

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